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TuTu Bow Holder- Bodice

TUTU Bowholders- Hand painted image and PERsonaLIzed

Personalized Tutu Bolder with image

Truly adorable, original and one of a kind tutu bow holder.

These are unique in nature and created for an avid clippie and bow collector in mind.

Perfectly designed bodice, depending on detail of the hand painted artwork the cost starts at $50 for these tutu bowholders.

Tulle tutu belt with either bows or pretty petal flowers- flower types will depend on what I have in stock.

Price: $50 per tutu depending on details involved- please email me with questions (see contact page)

Tutu Color:
Bodice Color:
Tulle Belt: Flowers, Bows etc:
Special Requests/ Image request:

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