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All me pages include map links, custom artwork and 2 background borders

Custom Me Pages
Price starts at $35 (please contact me)

$35: Simple Custom Me Page includes:
  • custom 2 background borders
  • simple web graphic logo
  • coordinating graphic accents
  • Clickable buttons links

  • $60: Delux Custom Me Page Package includes:
  • custom 2 background borders
  • more complex drawings (non character) for logos
  • coordinating graphic accents
  • clickable button links
  • beautified text for the about me section
  • complementary siggie
  • up to 5 collages for galleria- up to 6 photos per collage
  • added bonuses (sparkles, different layout, etc)

  • Full Me Page Package: $100
  • Includes all the above
  • Includes Custom Character drawing
  • Includes matching business card design

  • Size

    Logo Name:
    Special Requests:

    Custom Samples of Most Recent Me Pages I have worked on- Click on samples