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Initial Bow and Hairband Holder

Initial Bow Holder

This is for a CUSTOM boutique initial bowholder that I have hand painted to match your child's room decor. This holder is approx. 6" in diameter and a bit more than 2 ft. of hanging ribbon length. Holds plenty of bows and clippies and up to 6 headbands too! Detachable mini bow, to wear, is clipped to the top and another bow (not detachable) is securely mounted to the bottom hanging ribbon. Stripes, polka dots, harlequin diamonds, florals, paris themed, princess themed- sky is the limit. I am a children's artist and I love creating unique hair accessories as well, so I combined my two talents and came up with this collection of unique bowholders. **Please note the clippies shown in the photo are not part of this auction, and are just used as samples.**

This is a custom order, so please be detailed in the special request section with color of background and ribbon, initial, and theme.

Pricing: $29.99

Initial or NAME:
Special Requests: