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Boys Whimsical Paintings

The Whimsical Ark

I love this painting. A ship full of my signiture whimsy animals setting sail on clear waters and skies. I include personalization example: Jonathon's Ark. Varnished for lifelong preservation.

Surfer Dude Quad- Personalized

Cute surfer painting-complete with a surfer dude, hibiscus flowers, surf shack, and a personalized surf board. I can customize this painting with colors to match any room-girl's or boys (ex. pink, greens, yellow). Varnished for lifelong preservation.

Prince Crown

Whimsical Boy's Crown fit for any prince. The background color scheme can be made to match your son's room decor. This adorable painting comes personalized with your little prince's name and a few crystal toppers are added to the crown for some sparkle. Varnished for protection.