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8x10" Panel Canvas Hand Painted and Crafted Bow Holder-Personalized

8x10" canvas panel- shirt is personalized

  • You can send me a photo of the little princess and I will make a whimsical bowholder with her features...
  • 8x10"professional canvas panel 1/8" thick
  • hair and eye color can change as this is a custom order-brown, blue, blonde, etc.
  • Fresh water pearls- white and pink are added for a necklace effect
  • natural fiber yarn is used for hair...over 2 ft. in braided length so you can hang alot of bows and clippies
  • Floral embellishments can be used as side barrettes for the little hand-painted princess
  • Background to match your daughter's room decor
  • Personalization is included on the shirt
  • Would make a wonderful gift
  • Comes ready to hang with a saw tooth hook or matching ribbon
  • All of my art comes varnished with a protective sealant.
  • Pricing:
  • 8x10" $40
  • Background Color
    Special Requests: