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Growing up in New York, this artist lives with her British husband and four children. She has a very diverse background, graduating Cum Laude from University of Maryland with a BS in Finance and Business Management in 1993, which led to a career on Wall Street for many years. Upon having her second child, Wendy decided to leave the corporate world to raise her children and pursue her first love; painting. As a young girl, Wendy was inspired by her grandfather who owned an art gallery with his late brother in Europe before the war. He opened his own gallery called Blum and Schloss in NYC in the mid thirties with their acclaimed paintings of famous scenic views on tile and canvas. Wendy grew up surrounded by her grandfathers’ paintings throughout her parent’s home, and this led to her passion to draw and paint. This hobby, which started when Wendy was 5, turned into something a bit more lucrative in her twenties, selling her artwork to friends, local boutique shoppes and through word of mouth.

Her artwork is unique, whimsical and vibrant. They add that special finishing touch to any child’s room. Her paintings range from sports, farm animals and nautical themes, to butterflies, princesses and poodles in Paris. Welcome to Wendy’s World!

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